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Poster / Apr 22, 2018

Biorelevant Dissolution Testing of Orally Inhaled Drugs

Adding a Newly Designed Pre-separator to PreciseInhale®

  • Beatriz Noriega
  • Eunice Costa
RDD 2018

Dissolution testing can be a way of discriminating between different formulations; still, currently there are no standard apparatus or procedures available for inhaled products.

... developed an in vitro model that simulates the dissolution and absorption of drugs from inhaled aerosols - Dissolvlt®. Prior to dissolution testing, products are aerosolized and collected on coverslips using the PreciseInhale® aerosol generator. However this collecting equipment lacks an impaction stage for coarse particle and agglomerates - a pre-separator - , thereby decreasing the biorelevance of succeeding dissolution test.