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Patent / Jan 01, 2011

Simple capsule-based inhaler

  • Peter Villax
US 20110259328

A dry powder inhaler for pulmonary or nasal use, employing capsules containing a dose of powder for inhalation, comprising two operating components and an optional cover. Air is drawn by the patient via a mouthpiece or nosepiece which is in communication with the capsule and travels via air paths through the device and through the capsule thereby dispersing and entraining the dose of powder. The capsule is cut by cutting means located on one of the components, in a manner which eliminates or minimizes capsule debris and minimizes powder leakage during use. The inhaler body and capsule cutting blades comprise a single operating component and they may be manufactured in a single unitary step. The invention affords a very economical and simple device for the delivery of pulmonary medicines.